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Laundry equipment

Our laundry equipment is supplied by Electrolux, the largest manufacturer of Industrial equipment in the world.

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Front Load Washers

Complete range of washer extractors is redefining laundry systems. Based on modules,

we can design a customised, total solution that meets your specific laundry needs.

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Barrier & Side-Load Washers  

Designed for laundries with stringent demands on hygiene and particle free processes. All models fulfil EN14065 and ISO9001 standards for healthcare and electronic industry.

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Tumble dryers

Electrolux's extensive range of dryers have been developed to fulfil the professional laundry requirements of customers

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Wash and Dry

All-in-one solution that fits everywhere

Ironers are designed to provide you time, energy and labour savings. Both cylinder- and bed-type
machines are available in the size and with the functions you require.




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