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''Minimize costs, maximize uptime, show a job well done.'' These three goals top any laundry professional’s wish list.
And the new easy-to-use CMIS soft-ware tool helps you achieve them. To minimize costs you first need key statistics. To maximize uptime you need to anticipate glitches as well as plan for scheduled servicing. And to show a job well done you need proof that you’ve met your customers’ standards.

Easy To Learn and Easy to Use
CMIS can be fitted to any Electrolux washer extractor equipped with Clarus Control. All you need to access and view the statistical feedback is a normal PC.

Installing CMIS couldn’t be easier—trained Electrolux personnel will do it for you. The actual machine downtime caused by installing CMIS is minimal, usually no more than a few minutes for each washer extractor. Most average-sized laundries can be fully equipped with CMIS in less than one day.

CMIS was designed by laundry professionals for laundry professionals. That’s what makes it so user-friendly. In fact, only the most basic PC skills are required to start using the software. And just in case of any “teething” problems, our service personnel are available to help get you up and running.

You use CMIS at your own pace. You can start with simple applications and then work your way up to more advanced uses. Also, all the data provided by CMIS are easily transfer-able to other computer programs such as Microsoft Excel.


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