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The Fire Services now operate in a changing and complex world that puts increasing demands on the quality of the protective clothing they use. In addition to fire and extreme temperatures, the clothing also has to be protected from water, chemicals and infection. European standards authorities have recognised that unless the correct laundry procedures are adhered to, the protective qualities of the garments may be ruined.

Our Fire Wash System is designed to restore full protection and comfort to the suit after every wash. The service life and protective characteristics of the suit depend on how the suit is cared for. And so do the lives of the fire fighters!

Re-using Water and Impregnation Fluids
The fire Wash System uses a closed washing system to save both water and impregnation-fluids. Surplus impregnation fluids can be either re-used several times or taken care of, for safe closed system saves both money and the environment!
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