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For a safe, convenient and profitable launderette

Running a launderette is no small challenge. After all, success is all about being able to please your customers and attract new ones. And at the same time keep operational costs to a minimum. Either way, you can count on support from Electrolux Laundry Systems. Making your launderette a pleasant place to be— while promoting operational efficiency. And it's all about understanding the ''big'' picture - your entire launderette.

A good investment
So what does all of this mean for you and your business? Quite simply, a good investment that supports your launderette in its entirety. Giving you an overview that includes control and flexibility—both in terms of wash programs and new, exciting possibilities for price differentiation. Ensuring low operational costs throughout the lifecycle of the equipment. And perhaps most importantly of all— making sure your customers keep coming back.

Creating a pleasant place to be
Your customer will prefer your launderette because it is a pleasant place to be. They trust you and your equipment.

Making the best use of valuable resources
Our washer extractors are designed to keep water, energy and detergent consumption to a minimum - while maintaining high wash and rinse performance. And, for you, this is money saved.

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