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The barrier washer concept separates the laundry operation into a soiled area and a clean area. Laundry to be processed is loaded into the front of the machine and unloaded from the back. As a result, the Electrolux barrier washer is the ideal solution for fighting nosocomial infections in health care institutions. We also offer a ‘‘clean room’’ option that ensures the dust-free environment required in pharmaceutical plants and in the high technology and food industries.

Cleanliness and a pleasant environment are minimum requirements even when you’re ill or elderly. Heavily soiled laundry, however, must be specially treated in order to remove bacteria and excrement, and standard washing machines are not enough. More specialised equipment is required.

Our wide range of hygiene washing machines (washer extractors) come with specialised programmes, which easily fulfil the strict standards of public health authorities. The machines are already being widely used, with excellent results.

Specially Adapted Laundry Processes
A hygiene washing machine (washer extractor) is distinguished by a number of specialised programmes. There are opportunities for several pre-washes at different temperatures and with larger amounts of water. It ensures, for example, that all proteins found in body fluids are dissolved and disappear before the temperature is raised in the main wash. The machines can also wash at extremely high temperatures if required. Quite simply, our hygiene washer extractors guarantee your laundry will be completely clean and hygienic.

    Buy a 11kg washer and 15kg drier for €7,000 + vat of  Rent your laundry system from us

                                                   for as little as €7 per day with a full maintenance agreement from €1 per day

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