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Meeting your specific cleaning needs is this simple . . . Efficient Floor Cleaning is as easy as one-two-three. It gives you and your staff more control over the process for greater flexibility – saving time and money while ensuring safer, simpler cleaning routines. It is a sound investment that soon pays for itself. What’s more, you can count on cleaning results that are significantly better than you are used to.

Efficient Floor Cleaning could not be easier to introduce into your cleaning operation

All you need is a stock o mop heads, an Electrolux mop washer extractor, and an automatic detergent dosing system. If you prefer cleaning with dry mops, an Electrolux tumble dryer is the answer. Efficient Floor Cleaning works like this;

  1. Load the used mop heads into the mop washer extractor. Select the preferred mop programme and stat the wash process. The mop heads are washed and prepared exactly to your needs, for example, impregnated with the agents of your choice. Use the tumble dryer if you prefer dry mop cleaning.
  2. Remove the freshly laundered mop heads from the mop washer extractor (or tumble dryer if you prefer dry mop heads). The mops are now perfect for damp mop cleaning – and ready for the next cleaning shift.
  3. Use the mop heads to quickly and easily sweep away dirt, dust and grit. There is no heavy lifting of water buckets or winging of cloths or swabs and there is no contact with harmful chemicals. The result is cleaner floors that stay cleaner for longer, compared to using other cleaning methods.

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